Automotive Electronic Systems & Semiconductors Lab.


Automotive Semiconductors Grow Dramatically

  •  Today, Better Fuel Efficiency, Safety, Convenience & Tighter Emission Control can only be achieved by Electronic Control Systems.
  •  More Electronics are adopted for luxury car which is followed by low-end car.
  • More intelligent and highly integrated ECUs needs more custom ASICs.

Automotive Requires More Stringent Standard

  •  Reliability is the most important factor in Automotive Semiconductors.
  • All requirements such as Temperature, Product Life Span, Humidity, Defect rate, Supply Commitment, and etc are much strict than one of Consumer, or Industrial.
  • A in-depth understanding about the circuit and semiconductor devices is a must.

Broad Area of Research On Automotive Semiconductors

  • Automotive Electronics : Sensors, ECUs, Actuators
  • Sensors -Pedal Detection Sensor, Radar, etc.
  • ECUs - MCU, Analog IC, ASIC, etc.
  • Actuators - Injector, Brake Booster, HVAC, etc.
  • Wide understanding at mechanical, analog, digital, power circuits is very important.